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The History of Martin's BBQ

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Island Roots
since 1962

Since 1962, Martins BBQ has become an emblem of Puerto Rican culinary culture, with a clear objective: to offer the best roast chicken that any palate can enjoy. Under the leadership of Héctor Raúl Rosado Velázquez we have shown over the years that our passion for authenticity and quality has led us to become the leading fast food restaurant in Puerto Rico.


Our trip began in a modest place, in Bayamón where the promise of a "Asado, Juicy, Tasty" chicken quickly captured the hearts of Puerto Ricans. This simple, but powerful philosophy has remained the cornerstone of everything we do. At Martins BBQ, every dish we serve carries the essence of our commitment to excellence and tradition.


With success resonating in every corner of the island, we decided to take our flavors beyond the sea. In Florida, our restaurants in Kissimmee and Tampa have been a milestone, allowing us to share the warmth and flavor of Puerto Rico with the community there. We aspire to continue our expansion with the opening of a new place in Ocala, bringing our traditional dishes to even more homes.


In each Martins BBQ, in addition to our iconic roasted chicken, we offer the best wand ribs in the region. We complement these main dishes with a selection of more than 15 typical accompaniments of Puerto Rican cuisine, from rice with gandules to ripe bananas, ensuring that each visit is a real feast for the senses. Our daily specials are designed to please even the most demanding palate, always promising an unparalleled culinary experience.


We invite you to visit any of our facilities and enjoy the menu that has made Martins BBQ a recipe, a legacy and a tradition. Come and live the experience of flavors that only Martins BBQ can offer. Here, every meal is a celebration of our rich culinary heritage. We are waiting for you!


At Martin's BBQ, we are passionate about bringing our traditional flavors to our community in Florida. Our journey began in Tampa, and since then we have opened up a second location in Kissimmee and by 2024 in Ocala, FL. We take pride in offering fresh and traditional food while also providing a connection to our roots and the flavors we love. We invite you to visit us and experience the unique flavors of Martin's BBQ.



We have multiple locations throughout
Puerto Rico and Florida, so you can easily find the nearest store to enjoy our delicious  dishes.




Higher menu prices and additional service fees apply for delivery.

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